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The Marina Stamp and Coin Club welcomes all collectors and interested parties to meet with us and share their experiences at our monthly meetings in Saipan and quarterly meetings in Rota and Tinian. The Club is an organized social group interested in Philately and Numismatics. Our mission is to have fun, while educating and stimulating interest in stamp and coin collecting, so that we may ensure this valuable legacy is passed on to future generations.

We especially invite the youth of our community to discover the historical significance of collectibles and to experience the satisfaction of a lifelong hobby.

We also want you to join in the fun!

If you’re a beginner we can teach you how to get started including the tools you will need, the many collecting options, and where to obtain materials. We can also show you how to evaluate an item’s value, how to store your collection and much more!!

If you’re an old pro come and share your expertise with us. Plus party with the rest of us as we celebrate the joy of stamps and coins.

Everyone is welcome!

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in stamp and coin collecting. Meet and socialize with other collectors from novices to experts on all coins foreign and domestic, tokens and paper currency. Buy sell and trade at our monthly meetings in Saipan and quarterly meetings in Tinian and Rota. Fun quizzes by members, Show and Tell.